The one constant with hurricanes is their unpredictability. All it takes is one storm to cause tremendous damage, which Hurricane Ian demonstrated.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) supported its member cities that were impacted by the storm. The FMIT TurnKey Recovery℠ Program Manager, SynergyNDS, provides numerous resources to ensure their members are protected from disasters. Kurt Waterman, Director of Field Operations at SynergyNDS, said, “FMIT makes a promise to its members to be there before, during and after a storm, and Synergy helps fulfill that promise.”

In the featured video, FMIT members share their experiences during Hurricane Ian and discuss disaster recovery with the FMIT. You can also view it on YouTube here. For more information about the FMIT, go to

“Before the storm, the FMIT team contacted me to let us know ‘We’re here. We’re on standby.’”

Councilwoman Teresa Watkins Brown, City of Fort Myers

“We were able to temp in various roof sections [of the Cape Coral Southwest Reverse Osmosis Facility] within three days post-storm. Not only did this keep the plant operational, but it also protected millions of dollars of equipment inside the building.”

Kurt Waterman, Director of Field Operations, SynergyNDS, FMIT Recovery Manager

“FMIT was extremely helpful during the storm. They were professionals. They knew exactly what they needed to do so we could concentrate on search and rescue and the recovery aspects of our city.”

Mayor John Gunter, City of Cape Coral

“I think the question that any city should ask is, in the event of a catastrophic event, what team do they have in place? You can see FMIT is a clear choice.”

Mayor John Gunter, City of Cape Coral