In 1972, the City of Fort Pierce created and made a utility authority a part of the government to be known and designated as Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA). It is responsible for the development, production, purchase and distribution of electricity, gas, water, sanitary sewer collection and disposal, and other utility services designated by the City Commission.

FPUAnet is a local SMART City Internet Service Provider bringing fiber internet, smart city services and smart grid solutions to Fort Pierce. Since the early 2000s, FPUA has deployed 125 miles of optical fiber via its FPUAnet Communications division.

Initially, the project focused on bringing ultra-fast broadband to large businesses, schools, hospitals and other community anchor institutions. In 2018, the FPUAnet decided to expand its footprint to boost the local economy and transform the City into a SMART City.

Downtown SMART City Initiative

  • Fiber to every parcel; 400 services
  • Public Wi-Fi; three locations
  • SMART Kiosks; four 65-inch double-screen kiosks.

With a citywide fiber deployment, FPUAnet will promote the socioeconomic future of the community by attracting new industries, enabling telecommuting and increasing home values. Its fiber network will provide affordable, high-speed, symmetrical broadband service to all residents and businesses.

To see a full report from the Florida League of Cities on broadband infrastructure, click here.

Lincoln Park SMART Neighborhood

Lincoln Park neighborhood was targeted for revitalization and historically has the lowest broadband adoption tracks in St. Lucie County. This project is funded collaboratively by the City of Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, Allegany Franciscan Ministries and FPUA.

  • Fiber to every parcel; 470 services
  • Public Wi-Fi in five locations.

Community Outreach and Recognition

Digital divide award

  • Broadband Communities Summit – Cornerstone Award


  • Community Broadband (Jason Mittler, FPUAnet Manager, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority, and Javier Cisneros, P.E., Director of Utilities, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority)
  • The Broadband Bunch (Jason Mittler and Rachel Tennant, Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority)

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