Residents in the City of Coral Springs can apply to lease garden beds at the Coral Springs Community Garden, which has been expanded by the City with the Coral Springs Rotary Club.

With nearly double the number of available flower and plant beds, the garden has been redesigned to include more than 100 beds for community use, compared to the previous count of 54. Beds cost $60 per year for existing members and $120 for new members. Reserving a bed allows gardeners to sow and nurture plants and flowers in their selected beds for one year. Individuals, families or groups can reserve their beds on the City’s website.

The Community Garden also now features an educational garden and a children’s garden where volunteers will host classes, workshops and field trips to encourage knowledge about Florida gardening and sustainable practices.

“The Community Garden is a hidden gem in our city that is made successful by our residents and dedicated volunteers,” said Andrea Lemaitre, Coral Springs Sustainability Manager. “This expansion enhances the space for current gardeners, welcomes new gardeners and provides new opportunities for education about native species, the importance of green spaces in cities, wildlife conservation and healthy food and habits for our residents. This is another great way we are all building a Sustainable Coral Springs together.”

Construction was completed on a new Community Garden Pavilion named in memory of Kevin Connor Jr. The Rotary Club President Stef Verleysen, former Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold, P&H Interiors owner Susan Connor and the Levitetz Family Foundation teamed up to fund the pavilion to provide shade and a place for picnics and gatherings.

Verleysen said, “The Community Garden is a passion of mine, so to see the completion of the pavilion, the addition of more beds and new opportunities for education, is truly the culmination of years of hard work and combined efforts to bring more environmental features and knowledge to the community.”

Founded in 2009, the Community Garden is a joint effort between the City, the Rotary Club and local volunteers. More information can be found at