The Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT), administrated by the Florida League of Cities (FLC), has announced that three members have won a new award, the Partnership Award. The FMIT Partnership award recognizes members’ successful insurance processes, risk management efforts and other proactive measures that improve the quality of life in their community and working environment.

The 2023 winners are:

City of Altamonte Springs – Innovation Award
The City of Altamonte Springs prioritizes risk management. The City boasts excellent parks and recreation facilities and programs, which are inspected and maintained regularly to correct potential hazards before they cause harm. Altamonte Springs also hosts community events, including the Science Incubator program, which teaches students about environmental science and municipal operations.

The City also hosts Red, Hot and Boom, one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the state. The event requires thorough planning and preparation to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of attendees.

The City is actively embracing emerging technologies that benefit the community.

Altamonte Springs uses many FMIT resources to develop and implement safety and risk management processes, especially in equipment operation programs. These programs enable City staff to train, evaluate and authorize equipment operators. The City has hosted teams from other cities for training.

The Police Department was awarded the FMIT Safety Excellence Initiative certification. The City’s Risk Management Staff actively participates in nearly all FMIT offerings.

Leon County – Insurance Leader Award
The Leon County Office of Risk Management strives to identify and address potential risks before they result in accidents. In 2020, the Office transformed into the Safety Advisory Group, which marked a cultural shift toward enhanced risk management. This change facilitated open communication between the Risk Management office, County departments and other relevant offices. It fostered discussions on pressing safety concerns, encouraged questions and promoted safety-oriented dialogue.

The Risk Management division, with the Safety Advisory Group, has made significant strides in accident prevention and hazard resolution. They dedicated substantial time and effort to securing safety equipment. Their dedication to workplace safety is underscored by Leon County’s Certificate of Safety Recognition from FMIT and participation in the Safety Grant program.

Risk Management has updated the Guide to Workplace Safety & Health Manual, launched training initiatives and implemented Safety101 software. The Office shared safety information with County employees through weekly “Toolbox Talks” and engaged with the community through events such as the countywide Home Expo, where they promote household safety awareness and accident prevention.

Town of Palm Beach – Risk & Safety Award
The Town of Palm Beach’s Office of Risk Management oversees property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance programs. The Risk Management program provides comprehensive safety training and monthly safety newsletters. The Town’s Risk Manager has maintained an excellent experience modification rating for five years.

The Town actively uses FMIT’s resources, including in-person safety training provided by the loss control team. Also, the Town leverages FMIT’s safety library, videos and sample policies. Specialized training on topics such as bloodborne pathogens, titer, hepatitis A and B vaccines and PTSD has been offered to employees, with a focus on Police and Fire Rescue personnel. Wellness and mental health training are available to all Town employees in person and by video.

Annual facility safety inspections are standard practice, with the Town proactively taking corrective action to enhance employee safety. Participation in FMIT’s Safety Grant program enables the Town to acquire safety equipment in compliance with Florida Department of Transportation requirements. Employees attend specialized training, which contributes to the Town’s designation as a drug-free workplace and earned a 5% credit on adjusted premiums under state workers’ compensation self-insured assessments. The Town’s Workplace Safety program is approved by the state, meets statutory requirements and receives an additional 2% adjusted premium credit under state workers’ compensation self-insured assessments. The Office of Risk Management also actively pursues subrogation rights in third-party negligence cases and shares its expertise on educational panels, such as those at the FLC Insurance Summit.

All FMIT members with at least one line of related coverage are eligible for this award. Click here to view the award selection criteria.