Steve Williamson, the Village of Key Biscayne’s Village Manager, has been named the Key Biscayne Independent’s Person of the Year.

Williamson, a former Army colonel, “is forging the blueprint for the largest public works project in the vulnerable barrier island’s history,” the Independent said.

The Independent used TIME magazine’s criteria in naming Williamson the person who most affected the news and lives on Key Biscayne.

“In the council-manager form of government, the manager leads, but only as long as he or she maintains the trust of the seven people who can fire him,” said Tony Winton, the Independent’s Editor in Chief. Winton pointed out that Williamson has overcome many roadblocks.

The Independent said that Williamson’s impact on Key Biscayne may be looked upon as “immense” in the future. “Williamson is the architect of the ‘Big Dig,’ the most ambitious public works project in the history of Key Biscayne, one that will re-plumb the island with a new stormwater system, underground utilities and harden the Village against sea level rise,” the newspaper said.

He also pushed through a short-term plan to alleviate flooding in neighborhoods that flood even in mild storms.

Williamson also helped gain approval for the City’s Vision Plan. He obtained $1.75 million from the state for beach renourishment. Williams also obtained unanimous passage of the City’s $41.2 million budget. “It’s a spending plan that will see numerous capital improvement projects,” the Independent said.