In preparation for the City of Gainesville’s new open-container restrictions, the City launched a dedicated webpage about the changes now in effect.

The online web page,, includes frequently asked questions for business owners and patrons as well as maps of the two new “Sip & Stroll Districts,” also known as the arts, culture and entertainment districts.

Inside district boundaries, between 8 a.m. and midnight, open containers of alcohol are permitted on public property: on sidewalks, in public parks or in other public rights of way. Although the downtown parking garage and some public parking lots are in the districts, new ordinances prohibit open containers in those areas.

The districts are located where there are high concentrations of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. The Sip & Stroll District Downtown encompasses 17 city blocks plus Bo Diddley Plaza and Depot Park. The Sip & Stroll District Grove Street is located around a portion of the Sixth Street Rail Trail between N.W. Second Street and N.W. Fourth Street.

City staff are providing district maps and window decals to establishments inside district boundaries. Public Works staff will install signs on streets in the districts where open containers are permitted.

Florida’s legal drinking age and all other applicable state and local laws remain unchanged and in full effect, including prohibitions on open containers in vehicles and laws concerning public intoxication. Gainesville Police Department officers can issue civil citations or criminal infractions to those who violate the ordinances.