In April, the City of Oviedo City Council authorized a Master Services Agreement with Duke Energy for a comprehensive lighting upgrade across City facilities, which encompasses City-owned buildings and parks. Duke Energy conducted a comprehensive study of the City’s lighting systems and proposed efficiency measures that are anticipated to save the City over $25,000 annually in energy costs.

This initiative involves procuring, delivering, installing and maintaining LED lighting equipment to replace outdated fixtures that have exceeded their life expectancy, which had necessitated extensive repairs by City staff. The energy efficiency enhancement includes replacing LED tubes and bulbs in interior lights at City Hall and the City Hall Annex as well as upgrading fixtures for exterior lighting at City Hall, the Annex and the Gymnasium & Aquatics Facility. This effort also encompasses parking lot lights at City Hall, the Annex, Public Safety locations, the Gymnasium & Aquatics Facility and the Oviedo Sports Complex, along with lights along five streets.

The City explored purchasing options, including shortening the program duration or opting for an outright cash purchase. The Finance Department evaluated factors such as projected monthly energy savings, reductions in utility bills, estimated maintenance savings and the expected return on investment for a cash purchase. Based on its analysis, the Finance Department approved the program for $115,000, in addition to a monthly maintenance fee of $268. The projected savings over 10 years are expected to exceed $276,000.

The City’s commitment to the environment through LED efficiency includes:

  • Cityscape: City buildings, parks and streets will be illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Energy efficiency: LED bulbs emit bright, clear light while consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting.
  • Sustainability: The City will reduce its carbon footprint by lowering energy consumption and emissions.
  • Cost savings: The financial benefits include reduced energy bills and projected long-term savings.
  • Community: Under LED lighting, residents will enjoy well-lit parks and safe streets.
  • Innovation: This program showcases the City’s progressive approach to environmental stewardship and technological advancement through LED adoption.

This program symbolizes the City’s dedication to environmental sustainability and efficiency by embracing LED technology. It portrays a modern urban environment where energy-saving initiatives not only enhance aesthetics and safety but also contribute to a cleaner, greener future for all residents.