The Village of Pinecrest has announced the completion of its Potable Water Project, which grants 725 properties with direct access to reliable county drinking water and fire hydrants for the first time. The project, which involved the planning and installation of about 103,000 linear feet of water mains, aimed to replace the dependency on well systems. Well systems can encounter many issues including failing wells, saltwater intrusion and unreliability during major storms.

“Today marks the culmination of a project nearly two decades in the making,” said Mayor Joseph Corradino. “We celebrate not only the achievement of bringing potable water to all of Pinecrest but also the tenacity and spirit of a community that never gave up. We deeply appreciate the continuous support and patience from our residents and all stakeholders involved in making this historic moment a reality for our Village.”

The multiphase project was mapped and executed to ensure systematic progress and timely completion. Phase 4A, the last subphase, recently received approval from the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) after successfully concluding pressure testing, flushing and Bac-T sampling. Phase 4A received an approval letter from the Florida Department of Health.

Residents can now enjoy a consistent and secure water supply and an enhanced emergency response framework, with the installation of fire hydrants providing more security in emergencies. Also, the project’s completion has enabled restoration activities to begin at community spaces such as Matzner Park. These activities underscore Pinecrest’s dedication to nurturing and improving public areas.

This milestone was made possible by the Village’s efforts to secure pivotal funding, with a focus on minimizing the financial impact on its residents. The Village secured over $9 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, an additional $500,000 through the Miami-Dade County Save Neighborhoods General Obligation Bond and $640,000 from Fiscal Year 2023 federal Omnibus Appropriations. As a result, Pinecrest residents benefiting from the project are required to contribute, through a special assessment, only approximately $358 per year for 25 years to reconcile the remaining project balance.

Corradino, Village Council members and Village staff extend their gratitude to the Pinecrest community for their enduring support and involvement throughout the project and to the Village’s Public Works Department, which the City described as the “unsung heroes behind this initiative.”