News 6 in Orlando recently profiled the Town of Montverde as a place that has a balanced budget, an easygoing lifestyle and residents who don’t want to leave. Mayor Joe Wynkoop even joked that he has a place picked out in the cemetery.

The Mayor took News 6 on a tour of sites under construction in the Town, including water towers and a library scheduled to open in 2025. Wynkoop proudly shared that the projects were paid with grants. The article also highlighted a new sports court for basketball and pickleball next to a dog park and butterfly park.

The news station also quoted an Orlando realtor, who referred to the Town as “a gem.” Homes are continuously selling, and some sell in the millions, she said.

With leaders who combine an appreciation for the way things are with a willingness to offer new amenities, Montverde should stay in a “sweet spot,” a phrase often shared by the Mayor.