The Village of Bal Harbour recently unveiled an exhibit, “The Power of Words,” as part of its Unscripted Art Basel & Miami Art Week lineup. The curated exhibit featured artist Tania Esponda Aja (Tania EA). Esponda Aja is an international artist and resident of Bal Harbour Village.

The exhibit was an original installation that created an immersive experience throughout the Village’s 102 Street Beach Access Path. The art installation aimed to bring art to the local community centered around a unifying message of love, connection and compassion.

Bal Harbour Village has become synonymous with curated art activations and exclusive access to arts and culture in South Florida. Through the Unscripted Art Access and Art in Public Spaces programs, residents and hotel guests have enjoyed access to the visual arts. There is an ongoing partnership with the Opera Gallery for a year-round annual exhibition of art and sculptures in public places throughout the Village.

“As an avid supporter of the arts and Miami Art Week, the Village wanted to expand on its vision of becoming a destination for the visual arts,” says Bal Harbour Village Manager Jorge Gonzalez.

An experiential art installation created a memorable experience for residents and visitors. The custom installation was the first of its kind in Bal Harbour in that it created a sense of place and an immersive experience where art and nature became one. Gonzalez said, “Our goal was to highlight our local art scene in Bal Harbour to create a unique experience for our residents and visitors.”

“The Power of Words” was a multimedia exhibit blending nature, art and technology into one immersive experience. The art installation invited visitors into a world where language dissolved, yet kindness resonated. As guests explored the exhibit’s physical and augmented reality components, they discovered the artist’s unique typographic language: vibrant red words that weaved emotions and meanings around the area’s natural landscape. The installation showcased the enduring strength of emotions, symbols and the resilience of the human spirit while asking, “Can kindness go beyond words?”

Bal Harbour Mayor Jeffrey Freimark said, “In Bal Harbour Village, we have a collective commitment to fostering cultural enrichment within the community. We are regularly searching for opportunities to invest in the arts and making art accessible to our community.”

With an abundance of art installations throughout the Village and access to art and cultural institutions around South Florida, Bal Harbour is living up to this promise. The exhibit exemplified human connection and transcended cultures and languages, while bringing forward a positive message of global unity, Freimark said.

The commissioned exhibit was one of many events in the Village’s Unscripted Bal Harbour Miami Art Week program. Read more at