Mayor Donna Deegan has appointed Yanira “Yaya” 2024 Cardona to serve as Hispanic Outreach Coordinator for the City of Jacksonville.

Cardona created and runs Viva la Fiesta!, an annual Hispanic heritage festival. She is uniquely positioned to help bridge cultural divides and foster meaningful connections in the Hispanic community, thanks to her background in communications and a passion for serving diverse populations.

Cardona will translate City communications into Spanish and conduct interviews with Spanish language outlets, which will make critical information accessible to Jacksonville’s fastest-growing demographic: the Hispanic community. Her efforts will help ensure that Hispanic residents have equitable access to city services and resources in their native language.

Cardona will also assist in the planning and coordination of community events tailored to the needs and interests of the Hispanic community. These events will serve as platforms for dialogue, collaboration and mutual understanding, further strengthening the bond between the City and its diverse residents.

Deegan said, “Yanira’s appointment marks a significant step forward in our efforts to engage Jacksonville’s fast-growing and vibrant Hispanic community. I look forward to watching her work collaboratively to foster meaningful connections, promote inclusivity and ensure that every resident has access to the resources and support they need to thrive.”