The City of Homestead is introducing an innovative amenity to ease the journey for homeowners and small business owners. The Homeowner and Small Business Concierge is a dedicated service to streamline the permitting, zoning and business licensing processes. The Concierge will make it easier for residents to navigate and achieve their goals. This concierge service offers specialized assistance and guidance so that residents and entrepreneurs receive the support they need.

“We recognize the challenges that individuals face when embarking on home improvement projects or launching small businesses,” said City Building Official Linda Blanco. The City is taking a proactive step to assist its residents in navigating the processes, Blanco said. Homestead is dedicated to fostering a business-friendly environment and empowering homeowners to enhance their living spaces.

Key features of the Homeowner and Small Business Concierge include:

  • Expert guidance: The City has an expert to provide personalized guidance throughout the permitting, zoning and business licensing procedures.
  • Process navigation: The Concierge will assist residents and entrepreneurs in understanding the necessary steps, paperwork and requirements for obtaining permits or licenses.
  • Appointment scheduling: The Concierge will help facilitate appointments with relevant City services and departments to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  • Streamlined communication: The Concierge will act as a liaison in fostering effective communication between residents/entrepreneurs and the City, which will reduce confusion and save time.

The Concierge service is committed to simplifying these often complex processes and providing a one-stop solution. This initiative aims to promote a thriving environment for homeowners and small businesses and encourage growth and development in the community.

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